Education Systems
Interactive boards offered under the category of education systems make ordinary classroom into smart classroom by incorporating digital technology based learning method. Widely used in schools and colleges, these digital boards make learning and teaching more effective as never before.

Interactive Board
Digital technology based interactive boards are used for projection of files on board surface. These whiteboards work along with LCD displayer, projector and computer. These digital boards are compatible with other devices as part of their technically advanced features.

Interactive Panel
Digital interactive panels are reliable options to conduct virtual meetings and conferences. User friendly operating interface, screen sharing software facility and compatibility with other gadgets for sharing of data are some of the key aspects of this product range.

Electronic Lectern Podium
Digital technology based Lectern Podiums are used in universities, colleges, auditoriums and also in corporate houses to make interactive session engaging and fruitful. These podiums have recording arrangement, microphones of different specifications and speakers.
Wireless Speakerphone
Conference Wireless Speakerphones have wide applications in offices (Government and corporate), hotels etc. These technically advanced speakerphones have user friendly operating interface that promotes smooth communication. Quick to set up, these systems have long life span.

CCTV Camera
 CCTV Cameras offered by us combine a number of advanced features to strengthen security arrangement of various structures. Wi-fi connectivity arrangement, alert sending function and recording arrangement of real time footage are some of the key aspects of these security cameras.

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